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Welcome to Kardinya AusAid

Australian Awarded Scholarship Applicants should consider targeting Adelaide (South Australia) and volunteering to live at Kardinya which supports young people with disability. Becoming involved in the local community is a fantastic opportunity to meet families and get life long friends and other benefits.

Brenda Sulamoyo

Kardinya AusAid Ambassador

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Kardinya is an addition to my life which I have welcomed with all my love and attention. During my 2 years study at Flinders University (2007/2008), I used my free time and lonely moments to work as a Carer at Minda, Brighton Campus and ECH-Carinya. The knowledge gained in Nursing Care industry is beyond academics and I am very grateful to have been privileged to accumulate such rare knowledge.

I am now able to understand a visually impaired, hearing impaired and a mentally or physically challenged individual including the elderly/aged. This interaction for me was great and teaching especially knowing that at times such beautiful and intelligent individuals are stigmatized thinking that they can not communicate when in actual sense it is our ability to understand and know them which is being tested.

I am very happy to be a part of Kardinya and I will ever treasure the moments with Kardinya. I will work hard in popularizing the beautiful occupants and staff of Kardinya to the African countries and AusAID awardees and refer to Kardinya as a house of love.

Thank you all, thank you Kardinya, for believing in me.

Mayeso Kanyowile

Malawi (2012/2013)

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"When I decided to join Kardinya, it was a leap of faith: a visiting student; Coming from a different part the world...

Like one would when considering a new role, I resolved that I would carry out my duties as required on one hand and do my studies on the other- sticking to business...

But I tell you what- I just landed myself in a great home!

Business was not formal organizational behaviour as I anticipated.

Business was sharing and nurturing life experiences as a family through inclusion, choice and respect.

As it were in any ordinary home, every housemate had this sense of belonging and a natural responsibility to own the place & therefore taking care of it.

I love Kardinya.

It is my family now and I can't hesitate to recommend it to international students traveling to Aussie.

You wanna have a real Aussie experience by the time you return back home, then consider going to Adelaide and live at Kardinya where the true Australian family experience thrives"

Mapitso Masakale

Lesothe (2013/2014)

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Kardinya is such a loving place, full of lovely people. Meeting people at Kardinya through Fikile has been a wonderful experience which has not only opened my eyes to how useful I can be to touch other peoples' lives but also taught me that it is good to give without expecting anything back; just to put a smile on someone's face can go a long way to make living worthwhile for them. Thanks for teaching me more about life than I had ever had an opportunity to learn. Missing my family was a nightmare for me but Kardinya became another home for me.

Fikile Shongwe

Swaziland (2012)

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Kardinya is a place I can call home if you are an oversea student. The respect, choice, friendship and inclusion I got is uncomparable. I had a good time with my girls Lulu (Luyanda) and (Bongy) Bongekile. My girls think one day they will go back to Australia and live at Kardinya. As a student doing disability studies I was able to put theory into practice of proper accommodation for people with intellectual disabilities.

I am encouraging Swazi students already to study in Adelaide, a livable city. I am still intouch of what is happening in Kardinya even if I am in Swaziland. I am still part of Kardinya family looking forward to establish small Kardinya in Swaziland.

I miss Kardinya family, BBQ, Pizza night and the outings.


Semmy Eva

Tanzania (2013/2014)

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When you're miles from home missing my kids Precious and Prince, to have six families and 20-30 new friends is just so rewarding. Did Christmas lunch bigger than ever.


Yuna Chirwa

Malawi (2014)

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Life can be hard for an international student who is thousands of miles away from home. You miss home, family and friends. But I consider myself blessed that I was introduced to Kardinya through Mayeso. At Kardinya I have met wonderful people who have welcomed me into their lives with open arms. It is a privilege for me that I will be calling Kardinya home for the next 12 months. Did I mention that I have my own room with a big TV!


Emma Karimie

Kenya (2011/2012)

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Oh my Gosh. I dont know what to say. I strongly believe that, i should be the one thanking you for the generosity and love extended towards me during my stay here. You made me a part of your family while far away from home. All I may have to say is lots of thanks from the deepest of my heart and wish you the very best in all your endevours.


Sibia Mjumira

Malawi (2014)

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Kardinya is amazing friendly people and living here is just fantastic.


Eva Langat

Kenya (2012/2013)

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I have been in Australia for five years. Making more friends, doing more unusual things.