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There are three significant decisions to be made by a family in relation to a partnership with a service provider
  1. Do you want a Partnerships?
  2. If so, with whom?
  3. The structure of the relationship?

This is a major decision and requires careful consideration

Kardinya entered into a Strategic Partnership with MINDA inc. on the basis
  • The Minda Person Centred Planning program was available.
  • Common agreement on being innovative and flexible to deliver better outcomes.
  • The willingness of MINDA to embrace new concepts including Family Management and Volunteer Programs.
  • That MINDA would assume ultimate responsibility for the site and the program.

Since Day 1 this partnership has been progressive and successful with significant gains by all stakeholders.

Problem resolution always remains a challenge and the founder families of Kardinya appreciate the consideration and support shown to them by Minda.


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