Any Supported Accomodation houses carry significant Risks plus Opportunities

Awareness of potential risks and appropriate risk aversion policies need to be maintained.


CLIENT RISK Insufficient Service Available Social Networks Diluted Safety & Security Priority
FINANCIAL RISK Clients Funds Accessed Project Funding Withdrawn Electronic Options
NGO RISK Disputes between Stakeholders KCC Management Collapses Relationship with KCC
FAMILY RISK Expectations Not Met Families Age Establish Supporting Systems
VOLUNTEER RISK No Volunteers Available Separation of Volunteers from Clients Potential Opportunity

An awareness of risk underpins the management approach of the KCC and Minda Inc. Final legal responsibility rests with the NGO.


The chance to take the Kardinya model and develop, elevate, change and restructure remains the most exciting opportunity.

The options are limitless.

The ability to overcome traditional challenges like


  • Being unable to access local transport
  • Being unable to access local services
  • Being isolated and lonely and losing social networks

Provide opportunities for positive changes for future development.


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